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About LAMM’S Machine

Lamm’s History and Profile

Lamm’s Machine, Inc. is a custom component manufacturer providing engineered metal and plastic products to other manufacturers and assemblers in the market area we serve. The company is known throughout the industry for providing innovative solutions to highly difficult metal manufacturing problems.

Lamm’s Machine, Inc. a privately held company, has been located in Allentown, Pa, since it was incorporated in 1965. The company’s founder, Al Lamm, started the business with a lathe, milling machine, and a grinder, operating from his garage. Today , the company is under the leadership of Jeffrey Lamm, and occupies a 30,000 square feet facility while employing 32 people.

Throughout the life of the company, profits have been re-invested in the company in the form of new facilities, new production machinery and tooling, and employee benefits. The facility continues to undergo production and technological improvements in order to maintain a competitive edge.

Employment growth at Lamm’s has continued throughout its history and the community considers Lamm’s a premier employer in its field. The employees of Lamm’s enjoy the benefits of good wages, strong employee benefits including excellent health care coverage, a good working atmosphere, and the company’s interest in the betterment of every staff member through training, education, and recreational opportunities.

Distribution of the company’s products is primarily within the United Stated and Canada with some products being shipped as far as California from its facilities here in eastern Pennsylvania.

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