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LAMM’S Engineering Solutions

Increased Manufacturing Throughput and Quality Improvement

One of the world’s largest office furniture manufacturers turned to Lamm’s Machine when they were experiencing serious difficulties in their line assembly operations. The manufacturing process required the manual “flipping” of a very heavy 8-foot by 4-foot fabric-covered frame. Desiring a more efficient and less strenuous approach to increase production and reduce employee fatigue, the manufacturer met with Lamm’s design team to create a workable solution. Lamm’s Machine’s in-house engineering department successfully refined the manufacturer’s design and created a semi-automated machine to perform the task more efficiently while reducing production time.

Operational Improvement and Cost Savings (JIT)

A Fortune 500 company repeatedly purchased 3″ 3-way cryogenic diverter ball valves used to discharge industrial gases for over-the-road tank trailers. However, they desired a more reliable supplier for deliveries and one who would offer consistent pricing for a just-in-time schedule. Lamm’s Machine not only met the requirements for delivery, pricing and quality, they also re-designed the valve for simplicity of repair, providing the company substantial savings in annual maintenance costs.

Reduced Time-to-market Custom Tooling

A custom tubing manufacturer for the medical industry requires custom-designed dies for research and development for their own production use. According to the company president in an unsolicited testimonial letter, “Lamm’s quick turn-around time on these extrusion dies…was a tremendous help in our efforts to acquire a new customer…thank you for providing top quality products in a very responsive time frame. It makes the job much easier to have a good supplier/partner in the…fast-paced market we live in.”

Reverse Engineering and Part Digitizing

Solid Modeling

Pneumatic and Hydraulic

Cryogenic Applications

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