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Large Capacity Machine Shop

Located in Allentown, Pennsylvania near Philadelphia

Custom Machining with CNC Machines and Precision EDM Technologies

As a large capacity machine shop committed to custom machining and precision manufacturing, Lamm’s Machine, Inc. takes its commitment to absolute quality seriously. We are guided by the simple, yet profound philosophy of “The Golden Rule.” Our family-owned custom machining business takes pride in its reputation as a progressive, ethical, and respected employer, manufacturer and marketer of our products.

It is this reputation that drives our commitment to providing custom machining and product manufacturing of the highest quality. Lamm’s commitment is more than just a catch-phrase — it is a heartfelt philosophy and way of life. As Al Lamm was quoted in a Profile article in the Lehigh Valley Business Digest in April of 1991,”We really try to do unto others as we’d have them do unto us. Our name is on the product, so we take great pride in making sure it meets the highest standards.”

Custom Machining – CNC Plasma Cutting, Plastic Injection Molding, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Cryogenic Equipment

Lamm’s Machine, Inc. is a large capacity machine shop, located in Allentown, PA (near Philadelphia), fully committed to custom machining and custom component manufacturing. Our state of the art cnc machines and precision edm technologies ensure our customers products of complete precision. Lamm’s services cover a wide range of custom machining and custom component manufacturing, including cnc plasma cutting, plastic injection molding, sheet metal fabrications, and cryogenic equipment manufacturing – to name just a few.

Precision and quality are cornerstones of our business and are evident in our commitment to meeting the needs of our customers. Our philosophy is applied at every stage of the machining and manufacturing process. Our employees are trained with this philosophy in mind and use our state of the art cnc machines and tools and precision edm technologies to manufacture custom components of the highest quality possible.

Lamm’s Large Capacity Machine Shop’s Vision in Allentown, PA (near Philadelphia)

The Lamm’s vision in commitment is to continue as a family-owned quality custom manufacturing business, enhancing our reputation as a progressive, ethical, and respected employer, manufacturer and marketer of our products. We believe that in order to reach this objective, we must grow our business. This will be accomplished by increasing our business with our present customers and the development of new customers for our manufacturing services; all of this to be accomplished within the framework of the philosophy of “The Golden Rule”.

One of the main reasons Lamm’s has grown, is its unwavering commitment to quality. This Commitment forms the cornerstone of our business and personal philosophy for the future growth of the company.

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